The Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart

The shopping cart was designed to allow the customer to view how many items are already established with intent to purchase. In the upper right hand corner of the home page a small cart shaped icon is there to represent what items have been selected.

Check Out Cart
Items are held in cart until purchase is made.

Clicking On Cart

When your ready you can double click on the cart, this will take you to a new destination of Trediew. The destination will allow the customer to view the items that were selected. A total number of how many have been selected for view will also appear. Client may now review all items for purchase and will be presented a tentative total on the purchase.

How long will my items stay in the cart?

All items that are selected by the guest will remain in the cart until the guest decides to remove them from the shopping cart or they have made the decision to purchase the item.

What if I don’t want something in my cart?

If items appear that may not be wanted by the guest a small delete button is available for them to click and the item will be removed from the cart. A new total will be calculated for the client to view.

I’m ready to check out.

When ready to pay just click on the pay now icon and it will start the transaction process. It will ask you to select the type of payment method that will be used for the purchase. Personal information will be collected for credit card use purposes. Information provided by Trediew is never sold. After payment has been made and was successfully processed all items that were in cart are now removed, The cart is now empty so the process can start again to go shopping.

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Shopping cart