Color Of The Day

Color Of The Day

Color of the Day

The Thai culture of astrology has a color that represents each day of the week. These colors are based on the color of the God who protects the day.

Colors can affect us on so many levels from moods to the energy that is projected onto others. Color of the day is all about how the astrological powers of a zodiac color and its meanings can affect our daily lives. This guide will show you the right colors that go with your zodiac sign. When one understands this they then can draw energy from these colors.

While we know that each of us is born under particular zodiac signs or astrological signs, this can also help provide a better understanding of how colors affect individuals who play parts in our roles and decision-making. Color of the day makes it possible to correlate the sequence of colors in the visible spectrum of light with each of these astrological signs.

White: Purity, Peace, Protection

Greens: Money, Growth, Fertility

Oranges: Attraction, Success, Energy

Yellows: Intalletc, Confidence, Travel

Reds: Courage, Good Fortune

Pinks: Love, Friendship

Grays: Peace

Browns: Health, Stability, Home

Blues: Healing, Heath, Patience

Blacks: Banishing

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