Aries on House Cusps

Aries on House Cusps

Sometimes we talk about zodiac signs and degrees or how the ascendant set up the structure? Let us provide some information so that you may have a better understanding.

A cusp is a boundary line that is between the houses. Each of the lines is on the diagram represents a cusp. For example, it poses as a boundary. When we think of a cusp in astrology, it means the separation of a pair of zodiac signs or houses in a horoscope reading. There are twelve equal house divisions which are known as house cusps.

What is an Ascendant or an (ASC)? Ascendant is a point on the Ecliptic. This point rises on the eastern horizon at sunrise and changes as the Earth rotates on its axis. The ascendant is very important in astrological chart interpretation. It can exert more power than the sun, moon, and planets because it permeates everything in the natal chart. The first energy point in any natal chart represents how we view life. When an ascendant’s essence is the expression of who we are. Determine how we deal with one another or how our actions intertwine with daily matters. A zodiac sign and the degree of the ascendant will set up the structure of the twelve equal house divisions. These twelve similar house divisions are known as House Cusps. The ascendant defined by a natal chart can show how strongly they can influence physical health and appearance and how we view life. Can ascendants rule our personality? Yes, ascendants characterize the way communicate and how we attract others into our lives. That will affect how close your relationships will be and develop. Because the ascendant influences all house cusps in a natal chart, it creates individual and defining points when being interpreted.

What is an Ecliptic?

house of cusps
An example of Ecliptic

Ecliptic is a tremendous imaginary line or circle on the celestial sphere. This imaginary line in the sky marks the annual path of the sun. With its movement, this will create the projection of Earth’s orbit n the celestial sphere. The Ecliptic marks the sky with a drawn line that indicates when eclipses will occur. Ecliptics’ path will tell us how the moon and the planets wander about even asteroids. This imaginary line is the soul of the constellation to which we live.


Interpretations Aries: Cusp of each Birth Chart House

Aries is associated with and signifies the cardinal fire. What does it mean to have cardinal fire in your zodiac sign? The Cardinal signs are the mastermind of the zodiac. Aries zodiac symbolizes the character to represent ideas vitality to change. Simply put, the cardinal fire in Aries makes them into idea people.

Aries souls are dynamic and self-motivating, learning to be mature by understanding what motivates the mind. Encouraging the sense will allow it to start new things; they are born to develop ideas and present them to others.

Make sure that when reading a Birth Cart, you look at the position of planets.

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