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Build Your Grimoire

Amulet Page Building



After your purchase, we will send you your new pages as a PDF File, with the email address that you provide. This item comes with 4 original style spellbook pages. Each page is formatted for single side print. All pages are made to incorporate into different series for a grimoire. The download of the product is for personal use only.

Trediew provides many different selections of pages that can be used to build your grimoire. Each page displays its uniqueness and style for the category relation. With a stain aged look, providing character to each page.

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What is an Amulet?

What does an Amulet have to do with witchcraft?

Also, Did you know, that Amulets can also be called Talismans? Both of these are often an object that was man-made or natural. These objects are present with special powers to protect the owner or bring them good fortune. The person who owns these powerful objects usually carry them with them or place them in a place that would provide an effect to the owner.

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We Sell Amulets!

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After you purchase your Amulet with us, we’ll help provide the power for you. After you purchase your Amulet our priestess will cleanse your amulet at her alter. Depending on the type of power that you choose may depend on how long it takes to prepare your Amulet. Each preparation is prepared for each individual.

What will make your amulet so special? Your name will be connected to your amulet so it can not be shared. Nor can the power be converted to another object or person. The ceremony is celebrated with you in mind. That’s what makes the cleansing and preparations for the ceremony to be so special. It’s connected to who you are and what it needs to do for you.

Remember you will have to recharge your amulet, but don’t worry we can help you with that too. Our easy care instructions come with your amulet providing you with everything you need to keep your powers strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Amulet be linked to additional spells? 

Yes, take a look at our selection of ceremonies that we provide. We have packaged deals so you can get the best powers possible.

Why is it important to recharge my amulet?

Just like us, we have to rest and fuel our bodies with food and vitamins to keep going. Your Amulet will need time to recharge and collect the energy that it needs.

What if I forget to recharge my amulet?

No worries. Just follow the simple instructions that come included with your amulet if you choose to purchase the preparation ceremony. There is no set time that you need to recharge your amulet. It’s just a way to keep the energy strong so that it can always perform at it’s best.


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Amulet Grimoire Pages

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