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A natal birth chart is similar to a road map that helps you see your soul. For instance, wouldn’t life be so much easier if you had your very own owner’s manual? If you didn’t already know, all human beings would come with one! Birth natal charts go beyond your essential Sun sign horoscope readings. This in-depth reading will help you discover the placements of the entire planetary system. In addition, your natal chart will reveal the keys to your personality.

What is an astrology birth chart?

Being born forecasts elements of your life. When your lungs filled with air, a map of your life was bound to your very soul. Each planet fell upon the pattern that laid out your destiny while making its journey around the Sun. This birth natal chart reading focuses on the vantage point of our planet that we call Earth. A reading can reveal some of your strengths or even a weakness. An astrology chart reads what opportunities are available for the soul to grow. Understand when the best timing will be for your important moments.

How to calculate your astrology birth chart?

We will need the time of your birth, the date of your birth, in addition, the state and city of your birth.

For example; 5:46 am 01/01/2000 Seattle, Washington

What if I don’t know my birth time?

Acquiring a birth certificate, contact the state’s county where you were born. Ask for a copy of the record of the birth certificate.

Making as close of an estimate to the time will benefit the outcome of the reading.

We won’t accurately read your rising sign or ascendant without having the exact birth time. In addition, not providing an accurate birth time will also not give the correct location of houses and planets.
Each reading will still provide a lot of data by certainly providing us with your birth date and location of birth.

Chart Data

Learn where each planet’ Position was the day you were born and the Sign of each Planet. Also provided is the location where the House and House Cusps is.

Report Highlights

Explore the interchange of energies accumulated at a great distance to provide a destiny. This respective mass generates and radiates its specific energy field to make one unique.
We can begin to understand ourselves with this authentic and internal look at one’s mind, soul, or nature.

The actual zodiac degrees of a planet are from the Earth’s solar system. Glimpse into the stars and planets at the moment of your birth. At that moment, all challenges and abilities fell into place. Let Trediew provide a better understanding to visualize what is happening behind the scenes. Explore the House Activities and the emphasis of Major Transit happenings. Learn patterns of your inner and outer self by realizing your true innermost qualities.


Item Specifics
House Activity and Emphasis:
Willpower, Impulsive, Initiative, Courage, Energy, Activity
Interface Innermost Qualities:
Providing better visibility to understand what is happening behind the scenes 
Major Transits Happening Now:
Planetary positions at the exact moment
Burn Rate:
The actual zodiac degree of a  planet as seen from the Earth solar system. 
Patterns Your Inner and Outer Self:
Your true and internal look at one\'s; mind, soul, or nature
Challenges and Abilities:
Elements, Modalities, and Angularity:
Fire, Earth, Air, Water
Planet Aspects:
An interchange of energies that are at great distances. This respective mass generates and radiates its own specific energy-field.
Chart Data:
 A picture of the stars and planets the moment of your birth
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Birth Natal Chart Reading

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