Rent Mascot Costumes

Rent Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes Trediew
Who do you want to be?
Find it at Trediew.

Firstly, our mascots are great for; sporting events, a spokesman, for a celebration or even as a guest at any venue. Trediew carries the opportunity to rent mascot costumes, offering a selection of characters. From blockbuster movies, hit tv series and in addition, even celebrity commercial personalities. These iconic creatures have brought us together with support and unitedism. Consequently music, sporting events, or the workplace surround us with these life like characters.

Who do you want to be? Furthermore, what’s the world like being anyone or anything? Rather then think about a fantasy situation, bring it to life. Trediew offers the opportunity to be anyone with our Rent Mascot Costumes. Dress up in costume for a night out or as a lifestyle. Do you dare to go all the way with our mascot selection? Become everything you dare to be!

Renting a Mascot Costume

What are the Pros to renting a costume:

Favorable to a single use for a limited time.

Practical to cost value of useage.

No need for maintenance or repair.

Commitment to character is decided by user.

What Makes Our Costumes Comfortable.


The venting is set up to help keep air flow into the costume. The head is made with a mesh screening that is displayed in a manner to blend in with the costume and allow air flow to the user. The venting system is normally located by the nose, eyes, ears, mouth area or around the top of the head.

Bring Business To Life

Finally bring your business to life by selecting a mascot to represent your company. Chose from; insects, animals, even more bring monsters as a new look. Search for a selection symbolizing what your business is promoting. Promote new images, Draw customers to gather and recognize a creation to life.

Grad your spirit today!


Trediew carries costumes that are high quality wear. They are designed for multiple uses. Easy to wear and complete with all accessories listed. Costumes may be used indoors or outdoors. Our Mascot Costumes offer a full body cover, due to this some accessories may have to be worn separately. Trediew carries inner fans, that may be purchased separately to accommodate in high climate weather.

Trediews Goal

Above all, our goal is to help you achieve the look you need. Trediew offers affordable prices with a high quality result.

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