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Clarence King of the World

Clarence King of the World. Your going to love him, he's an energetic boy who is in fourth grade. While Clarence is still just a kid, he can only see the good in the every situation. His uncommon outlook on life converts everyday situations into interesting experiences. In addition, Clarence participates in dirt fights and he's even had an awkward crush. Each day Clarence shares his experiences with his family and friends. Sumo is Clarence's best friends and also his best friend Jeff. Clarence loves to be with his mom Mary, and her boyfriend, Chad. To sum it up, Clarence's adventures are similar to many people, remembering their own childhood. Clarence on the other hand is still a cartoon, so he can takes everything to the extreme. The best part of Clarence is that he's constantly in a state of silliness. This allows him to experience, pretend. For that reason, he makes the best of any situation. That is to say, let Clarence remind all of us that when were young, we shouldn't live in the moment. You have to love Clarence, because he enjoys helping people and doing good deeds without rewards. Sometimes his methods may have to be questioned but he means well. Clarence gets so engaged with his imagination, that it consumes him. His personality can be too friendly. For that reason he has a problem meddling into people's personal lives. To some he may appear to be a goofball, but his heart is always in the right place.

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